Wine - The Fishery
“Our menu is an homage to seasonality from the land and the sea. The stars in our kitchen are San Diego's beautiful climate, abundant waters, and the hardworking fisherman and farmers who deliver their bounty to our doorstep."
- Mike Reidy / Chef
Executive Chef

Our Executive Chef

Mike Reidy

With Chef Mike at the helm of the kitchen, we see our dreams for The Fishery coming to life. He has refreshed the classics and brings a delicious new perspective to building a menu around seasonal seafood. We delight in the inventive yet soulful approach he and his team bring to the kitchen every day.
Grapes - The Fishery
"We’re about respect for the ingredients and restraint in their preparation while cooking food that is fun and approachable. In the end, I want you to taste the saltwater and the sunshine" - Chef Mike