Wine - The Fishery
"I'm excited to get back to the coast and create dishes with local seafood and produce. You're going to see more crudos and chilled seafood dishes on the menu, with tons of herbs, high acid, and citrus."
- Jon Bautista / Chef
Executive Chef

Our Executive Chef

Jon Bautista

We've known and admired Chef Jon since his days at George's at the Cove, and then he blew our minds with his respectful but brilliant take on Vietnamese cooking at Kingfisher. Now he's our chef at The Fishery?! We're pinching ourselves and cannot wait to see where he takes things. Welcome home Jon!
Grapes - The Fishery
"I’m classically trained and my style of cooking is very light and clean. For me it's important to stay grounded in what the community expects, and then take things a few steps further to keep it exciting." - Chef Jon