Our Story

Our story begins - like many do - with a boat and a dream.
The Fishery - On a boat - story
Judd Brown grew up in the La Jolla Shores in the 60’s. He fished in the surf, rode bikes on trails in the hills where mansions now perch, and never found a desk job he couldn’t quit. The sea had a special pull, and when he found swordfishing, there was no turning back.
The Fishery - On a boat - story
The Fishery - catching a fish
The Fishery - Swordfish
“There’s isn’t a rush in the world like coming on a pair of swords finning on the surface. The boat creeps toward them while you fine tune your grip on the harpoon.
It ain’t fishing - it’s hunting.”
The Fishery - drinking beer
The Fishery - Friends
From the photos you might think they caught fish with beer alone.
Grapes - The Fishery